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Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Haunted by Murder 2022
7.4 of 24

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Haunted by Murder

HD 7.30 84 min
Planning to renovate it in the spirit of the original and flip it, Aida has just purchased what is known as the Enshaw house, having sat empty for years and so named after its original owner, Ezra Enshaw. In certain circles, the house is thought to be haunted by Ezra himself, Aida wanting to dispel that urban legend the reason for her going through this process. Adding to that legend, Ro, Sally, Arthur and their then friend Jack, when they were teenagers twenty-two years ago, discovered a dead body in what was the secret, hidden basement of the house, the deceased being renowned ghost hunter Frank Brunelli, who was deemed by the M.E. to have died by accidentally falling down those hidden stairs hitting his head in the process, thus there was never a police investigation into his death. In addition to Phillip, Ro, Nick, and a reluctant Sally (because of finding Frank's dead body and believing the haunted house theory) who she has enlisted to help her, Aida finds that there are a number of people and/or organizations coming out of the woodwork that seem to be interested in the house: the local chapter of the Paranormal Society, which surprisingly includes Lillian, but also Frank's brother, Anthony Brunelli, who states he needs some closure into his brother's death; local developer Tom Wilkie who accuses Aida of impropriety in stealing the property from him, he who otherwise would have torn it down to build ubiquitous condos; Reggie Hunter, pushing hard to be Aida's contractor on this project, she who had never heard of him before this time; and Ezra's longtime neighbor Mona Dilger, whose daughter Tamara Dilger, recently moved home to take care of her mother, has stated hasn't been the same since Mona's husband, Linden Dilger, died of a heart attack shortly after the discovery of Frank's dead body, Mona showing signs of early onset dementia. Someone seems to want Aida out of the house for good, Lynn and Arthur investigating what looks to be a break-in with a threatening message written in what appears to be blood as a calling card. Ro, Nick, Sally and Philip try to figure out if what is happening now has anything to do with Frank's death, Ro in particular who has never been satisfied that Frank wasn't killed. Or could the haunted house theory actually be reality with Ezra the one who wants her out?