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Crazy Rich Asians 2018
6.7 of 3039

Crazy Rich Asians

HD 6.90 120 min
After dating for a year and being in a serious stage of their relationship, Rachel Chu, an Economics Professor specializing in game theory at NYU, and her boyfriend Nick Young, the two who have a modest existence as per their income, are traveling to Singapore for the wedding of Nick's best friend Colin and his fiancée Araminta. The trip will be the first time Rachel will have met Nick's Asia residing friends and his family, Singapore where he grew up and his family who he has only spoken of in general terms. As time progresses for her to meet Nick's family, Rachel slowly begins to realize that he comes from an extremely wealthy background, something he has never mentioned and his life in New York which shows no indication of this, his family old money and one of if not the most powerful in Singapore. Rachel will find her time in Singapore is like a fishbowl especially on the speculation of who Nick, the most sought after of Singapore bachelors, would marry. She also finds that many people in Nick's Singaporean circle are against her in his life, on top of the list being his mother, Eleanor Young, only one small part of her feelings in blaming Rachel not only for Nick not returning home a year earlier like he was scheduled, but that she will not be an appropriate support to Nick's heir apparent role as head of the Young Corporation. With some of Nick's friends and family on her side, in the latter category most specifically his cousin Astrid who married outside of their class for love, and her main support in Singapore being her new money college friend Peik Lin Goh, Rachel has to decide what to do about her relationship with Nick: whether the situation with his family is worth fighting, or if the price for Nick is too high for her to be in his life in the long term.


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