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Nobody's Fool 2018
6.5 of 622

Nobody's Fool

HD 4.90 110 min
While they love each other as sisters, Danica and Tanya are polar opposites. Responsible Danica is a marketing executive earning six figures, and seems to be on the verge of moving into a corner office after her next successful campaign which she is working on with her best friend, Kalli. Her life is organized on lists, one such a checklist of qualities of her perfect man. She has this checklist much like her mother Lola did as Danica wants her love life to be a magical one just like her parents'. She thought her boyfriend of six years Bailey was the man, that is until he left her for another woman breaking their engagement after she bought a wedding dress she still holds onto. Now she believes her boyfriend of one year, Charlie, who she met online, is that perfect man, despite they never yet having met as he works as an executive on a oil rig, and beyond he having sent photographs, they not even having video chatted in the Internet connection aboard the rig being bad. Knowing about Charlie doesn't stop good-hearted Frank, the owner of the coffee shop next to her office from letting her know that he is interested in her. She, in turn, won't even acknowledge his interest in deference to Charlie. While not meeting many of the items on her checklist, Danica further dismisses Frank when she learns that while he has turned his life around, he is a recovering addict and ex-con originally from the wrong side of the tracks. Conversely, Tanya, who has been in and out of prison over her life, lives for the here and now, easily moving from one thing or person to the next, while defending those she loves if she believes they've been wronged, like she believes Bailey wronged Danica, to which Kalli can attest despite Danica putting up a fa├žade of he breaking up with her being for the best. When Tanya is released from prison after her latest five year stint, Danica is forced to take her in. While Danica feels like she has to guide directionless Tanya to help her get on her feet, it may be Tanya who is more of a guiding force for Danica in seeing life in front of them as opposed to Danica's nose stuck in lists.


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