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The Mule 2018
6.5 of 454

The Mule

HD 7.00 116 min
2001. Earl Stone is a 73-year-old gardener obsessed with his work as horticulturist and the conventions where he win prizes by his dedication to lilies. Living in Illionis, divorced many years ago of Mary, the relation with her and his estranged daughter Iris worsens after Earl forgets Iris' wedding by assisting to another convention. His attempt to reconcile with them ends very bad, and Earl turns in a goner for all them. 17 years later, Internet has ruined 90-year-old Earl's life, his house is notice of eviction and his business is under foreclose. After a tense meeting between him and his family by Ginny's feast by her incoming wedding, a friend of Ginny closes Earl to offer a new business: move from Texas to Illinois another transporting bags each time more big. Unknown for him, a DEA's agent recently transferred from Washington DC to Chicago called Colin Bates starts an investigation to dismantle a drug cartel belonging Laton, a Mexican powerful drug boss. With Mexican DEA's agent Trevino as partner, Bates locates one thug of the cartel named Luis Rocha, blackmailing to work as informer for him. Meanwhile, Earl's new job starts to give unexpected results: after the veteran center where he meets with his Korean War's partners is burned by accident, Earl decides use the money to restore him, and secretly helps Ginny to pay her studies. But, unable to be for more time not knowing what he moves, Earl opens a bag in the middle of a travel, discovering the drug. Keeping the secret for everyone, he is invited to Mexico for meeting Laton and approaches Mary and Iris in the hope to be forgiven by the mistakes along his life. Learning much late the true sense of life and family, Earl tries to make good the things, but these complicates in bad terms: Laton is killed by his henchman Gustavo, Mary suddenly gets seriously ill, and Bates and Trevino are noticed about a new drug mail named "Tata" (the way Mexican drug traffickers call Earl) who is moving big amounts of drug. At the same time that Mary's health worsens and Gustavo despises Earl giving order to kill him, Bates leads an undercover op to catch Tata, in a race against time where Earl's life never will be the same.


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